Trade show marketing

Why Trade Shows Will Always Matter

In the age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, there is the thought that trade shows and conventions will soon become a relic, nothing more than an old school marketing tactic. Granted, having used the internet to develop sales and connect with people around the world I would never have had the opportunity to meet online, but the truth will remain…trade shows will ALWAYS survive the latest fad!

There…I said it.

don't be shocked by trade shows

Shocking I know.

Why is that?

Trade shows are powerful face to face marketing events.

People develop connections easier when they can look a person in the eye.

Shake their hand.

Hear them laugh.

A level of trust is gained meeting someone in person over seeing a tweet or two, or an email.

Get an explanation that doesn’t depend on them using Google or staring at their smartphone trying to use their thumbs to type on that little keyboard hoping they’ll find the right information.

Trade shows attract people who are interested in what is being offered.

Whether it is at your trade show display or over at the booth of your competitors, people areĀ attending the trade show for:

  • What you sell
  • What service you provide
  • Or what you competition offers

You can create tons of content for your website, share via social media, you can even use that content via social media to drive traffic to your trade show booth display space:

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But social media is not going to replace trade shows, conferences, and expos. And virtual trade shows will not have the same impact as a live trade show expo.

Trade show marketing will survive and thrive with the power of social media marketing. The ability to drive traffic to your trade show booth before the event and to extend your relationship with those prospects via social media will be an asset not a replacement for trade shows.

Do you think social media or virtual trade shows will replace traditional trade show marketing?